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Send money to Argentina

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Powered by Western Union, your Argentina money transfer will be completed safely and securely, offering you peace of mind.

You can send money to friends and family in Argentina hassle-free with the help of Money Services. The recipient can collect their funds from any of the many Western Union agent locations across the country and benefit from a quick and reliable service.

The recipient can collect their funds minutes after you have completed your Argentina money transfer. You also have the option of wiring the funds directly into the recipient’s bank account, which will take 4-5 days.

A money transfer to Argentina with Money Services is straightforward and secure.

Powered by Western Union

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Send money quickly with

  • Send money conveniently to one of 500,000 Western Union agent locations across Argentina.

  • Gift funds directly to a friend or family member’s bank account, either online or in-store.

  • Make transfers up to $5,000 quickly and reliably.

  • Plus, earn rewards with My WU® when you send a qualifying money transfer to Argentina.

  • Look out for promotions to save on fees at the checkout as well.

How to easily

Visit your closest Money Services location to send money to Argentina. It’s simple to get started when you take these easy steps.

  • Find your nearest Money Services using our store locator.

  • Give the in-store associate the receiver’s name, location, and the amount you wish to send.

  • Select when and how the receiver will receive the funds.

  • Choose your transfer option.

  • Pay the fee* and the amount to be transferred using a US bank-issued debit card or cash.

  • Tell the receiver the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) plus the amount of funds you are sending so they can collect the cash. They’ll also require photo ID.

With 500,000 Western Union


The currency used in Argentina is the Argentine peso (ARS). Following the Independence of Argentina in 1816, the country began issuing its own coins known as pesos. US Dollars (USD) are the most popular exchange currency into ARS.

Sending money to Argentina

Are you ready to send money to Argentina? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions to help you answer the most common questions we’re asked before you begin the process.

How can I find where to send money?

In partnership, Money Services and Western Union have made it possible for you to easily send money to friends and family in more than 200 countries. Western Union has 500,000 agent locations around the world, making the process convenient for both sender and collector. Use our store locator to find your nearest Money Services.

How can I find where to pick up money?

If you’re expecting funds to be sent to you, finding a Money Services or any participating Western Union agent location to collect your money couldn’t be easier. Search our store locator for Money Services locations or find your closest Western Union agent on its website.

How can I protect myself from fraud?

In order to protect yourself from fraud, you should think carefully about who you’re sending funds to. In general, we advise you to only send money to friends and family. In all instances, to protect yourself from fraud, you should only ever send money to people you know and trust. We’d advise never sending money to someone you’ve not met in person.

Protect yourself from fraud and discover more information here.

How long does it take to send money?

A couple of factors influence how long it takes for the funds to be processed and collected by the recipient – namely the country to which the money is being sent and the Western Union service selected.

There’s a Money in Minutes service for swift payments that can’t wait and a Next Day service for less urgent transfers. For further information, visit the Western Union website.

What are the fees for sending money?

Fees for sending money vary depending on the amount you wish to send and the location you’re sending it to. With Money Services you’re able to send money to loved ones anywhere around the world and feel the benefits of reduced fees.

These fees differ depending on the service you’re using. For more information, read the Send Money section of our website.

Payments powered by

  • A number of Western Union agent locations to choose from across Argentina
  • Earn rewards as a My WU® member every time you send a qualifying money transfer
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