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Pay your water bills in person

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We make it easy for you to pay your water bill, with longer opening hours and proof of payment provided by the biller. Drop by to take care of your bills while shopping for groceries, whether at weekends or in the evenings. We also offer same-day payment so you can be sure it’s paid in good time.

  • Start a bill payment from home or while you're on the go

  • Then complete your transaction in store

  • Just follow our quick and easy step by step process

  • Pay in store with cash or a debit card

Money Services Express video tutorial

  • Step 1 Gather the bills you need to pay or the receiver information needed for your money transfer
  • Step 2 Select your most convenient Money Services location
  • Step 3 Fill in your details
  • Step 4 Bring your filled out bill stub, cash or debit card, ID, and your MSX barcode to your selected location

Why pay your

There are lots of great reasons to stop by your nearest Money Services when you need to pay your next water bill.

We can save you time

  • Take care of all your money management needs in one convenient location
  • You can pay bills while you’re out shopping

We can save you money

  • You won’t have to pay postage fees
  • Save on fees every day with your Shopper’s Card

How to pay

Time to pay your water bill? Our friendly team is ready to help, just drop by Money Services and we’ll help you make your payment.

  • Find your biller – Search for the biller you want to pay using our Biller A-Z.

  • Locate your store – Find a Money Services near you.

  • Pay your bill – Bring along your bill stub and money and one of our store associates will help you make your payment.


If you’re using Money Services to pay your water bill, you’ll need to bring a copy of your bill stub and cash to pay your bill and the fee amount. We’ll do the rest.

Pile of US Dollar Bills

Who can

At Money Services you can choose from a range of different billers that provide your water services, including:

  • Denver Water
  • City of Columbus
  • Houston Water
  • City of Wichita Water
  • Other local water providers

Don't see the

Visit our Biller A-Z page to find yours, or drop by your nearest Money Services and ask one of our friendly store associates.

Reducing your

If your water bill is looking a bit high, here are some top tips to help reduce the next one:

  • Take showers instead of baths as it uses less water.

  • Take shorter showers.

  • Fix leaky faucets. These can waste gallons of water a year.

  • Check for toilet leaks. Get a dye tablet, put it in your toilet tank and see if any leaks into the bowl.

  • Wait until you’ve got a full load to run your washing machine.

  • Wash your car less often.

  • Similarly, keep drinking water in your refrigerator so you don’t have to run your faucet until the water is cool.

  • Measure water carefully when cooking in pans.

  • Insulate water pipes.


  • Western Union
  • CheckFreePay
  • FirsTech
  • Fidelity Express
  • Money Gram

This retailer is an authorized delegate of CheckFreePay Corporation, Fidelity Express, FirsTech, MoneyGram and Western Union pursuant to Chapter 151 of the Texas Finance Code, Subchapter E, Conduct of Money Transmission Business.

Kroger engages in the money transmission and/or currency exchange business as an authorized delegate of MoneyGram® Payment Systems, Inc. under Chapter 151 of the Texas Finance Code. If you have a complaint, first contact MoneyGram® Payment Systems, Inc., at 1-800-MONEYGRAM. If you still have an unresolved complaint regarding the company’s money transmission or currency exchange activity, please direct your complaint to the Texas Department of Banking: 2601 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX 78705-4294 1-877-276-5554 (toll free)

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