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No-Contract Wireless

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Find a cell phone and payment plan that suits you from a range of carriers at your local Money Services.

We offer basic phones for low-use customers who are interested in mostly talk and text options. Plus, we have a range of smart phones for those who actively access the internet to send/receive email, stream music/videos, download apps and frequent social media sites.

We also sell a range of airtime replenishment cards, so you’ll be able to conveniently find the one you need at your local Money Services. Sign up now and you could even get money off your grocery shopping.

Shop for

Shop for a prepaid phone plan from our brands.

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How does no-contract

No-Contract Wireless puts you in control of your cell phone payments. You’ll only pay for what you use, and won’t be tied into a plan long-term. Here’s how it works.

  • Choose a device – Pick a handset you like.

  • Choose a plan – Decide the call time, text allowance and data you’ll need.

  • Activate and add airtime – You’re ready to start using your cell phone.

Prepaid Wireless

Take control over what you spend using your cell phone by buying a Prepaid Wireless Airtime Card from Money Services. You can refill your airtime whenever you need to, so you can be prepared no matter how many calls or texts you send, or how much surfing you do. And you’ll never pay a cent more than you use – so there’ll be no surprises or over-spending.

Refill your

Our wireless

Find a cell phone and payment plan that suits you from our range of carriers.

  • GoPhone® – Get your choice to pay by the month, day or minute.
  • Net10 – Get coverage on the best networks for half the cost.
  • T-Mobile – The only nationwide 4G network with unlimited data – now with no annual service contract.
  • Tracfone – Get national and worldwide calling at the same rate.
  • Virgin Mobile – Select from BeyondTalk & PayLo plans.
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Why choose

There are many benefits for choosing no-contract wireless at Money Services.

  • It’s affordable

    You’ll never pay more than you use.

  • No credit checks

    Our affordable plans are open to everybody.

  • No annual contracts

    You won’t be tied in to a long contract.

  • It’s low-cost

    Our payment plans are up to 50% less expensive than monthly contract plans. So choose one that suits your budget.

  • Pick the top phones

    Go for a high-end smartphone, or a basic cell phone.

  • Choose your carrier

    From the range of carriers we have available – with the best rates on the best networks.

  • Special bonus

    Earn fuel points with every purchase of an airtime card.

What are

Prepaid phones have their call time, message allowance and data credit paid for before use, and topped up as required by the user. This is different from a traditional post-pay contract service, which tends to send the user monthly bills that charge for the amount of credit used.

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