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What does King Soopers Money Services offer?

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For a fast and convenient way to manage your money, visit Money Services at your nearest King Soopers store.

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You can quickly and easily cash a check, buy a money order, pay bills and send or pick up money at King Soopers Money Services.

If you need to cash your paycheck, you can do it quickly and easily at your local King Soopers Money Services desk. Fees* start at just $3 for checks up to $2,000, and $5.50 for amounts between $2,000.01 and $5,000 when you have a Shopper’s Card. You can cash other types of checks with us including tax refund, government, business and insurance settlement checks. We don’t accept personal, starter or third party checks. We accept many different types of ID including valid Driver’s License or State issued ID’s. Military ID, US Passport, Matricula Consular ID and Resident Alien ID’s.

Pay your bills as you shop at your local King Soopers Money Services. We have over 15,000 billers to choose from, and can even pay some the very same day to avoid late fees or shut-off notices. Check out our billers A-Z to find the biller you need, and use your Shopper’s Card to save on fees when you pay. If you can’t find your biller, ask one of friendly Money Services associates who will be able to help.

If you have a debit card and need cash, you can take out up to $5,000 using King Soopers Money Services cash cashing. All for the same fee it costs to cash a check. Take out just what you need – down to the penny – unlike at ATMs. Make your trip to King Soopers even easier and faster, by getting up to $300 cash back in our checkout lanes while shopping for groceries for a $3 fee.

Visit your local King Soopers Money Services for a quick and reliable way to purchase a money order. If you need to pay your rent or a high value item you’ve bought, we can help. Just bring along the cash to cover the money order and enough to cover the fee. A government-issued ID may also be required. With a Shopper’s Card, fees* start at 69₵, and you’ll be able to purchase a money order worth up to $1,000 from us.

Powered by Western Union, we can help you send money to friends and family in the US and worldwide – catering for over 200 countries across the world. Choose whether you want to send Money in Minutes or Next Day and we’ll make sure it gets where it needs to be. You can even visit Money Services to pick up money someone has sent you from any Western Union agent location.

Find a King Soopers Money Services

You’ll find King Soopers stores across Colorado. Use our handy store locator to find your nearest Money Services.

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King Soopers Money Services

Stop by your local King Soopers at a time that suits you – stores are typically open between the hours of 6.30am and 10pm, every day.

Operating hours may vary by store or with the holidays, so use our store locator for a quick and easy way to check the opening and closing times before you stop by.

*Fees and Limits vary by state. Ask your Money Services store team for exact amounts in your area.

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