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When to use a check or a money order

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Not everybody accepts a personal check because the funds aren’t guaranteed to be available.  In these cases, a cashier’s check or money order can be useful.

  • A money order can be purchased at your nearest Money Services. These are often used to pay rent and bills. Or you can pay people who provide services, like a babysitter or a landscaper, without giving them a personal check that includes your bank account number.
  • You could also buy a cashier’s check from a bank or credit union. These are most often used for larger amounts and major purchases.

Money orders vs cashier’s checks

Depending on how much you’d like to send, there are times when it would be better to use a money order, and other times when a cashier’s check would be more suitable.

Both have their benefits when it comes to the speed and ease of making a payment. Both can be sent via the mail system or delivered in person.

A receipt proving the amount printed is provided with both, and both have unique numbers to help you keep track of which ones were sent to which receivers.

When to use a money order

A money order comes in handy if you don’t want to carry cash around. If you purchase a Money Order issued by a major brand like Western Union®, you may even get your money back if the Money Order is lost or stolen.

Another advantage of using a money order is that the fees tend to be lower. A cashier’s check usually costs up to $10 to use. But with your Shopper’s Card at Kroger Family of Stores, money order fees typically start at just $0.69[1].

While there is a limit on the amount you can put on each money order, there is the option to purchase more than one.  For example, if your rent is $1,900, you can buy one money order for $1,000 and another for $900. This will typically still save you money compared to one cashier’s checks.

Not all retailers have the same maximum amount that can be printed on each Money Order.  When comparing costs from different places where you can buy a money order, be sure to ask about the fee and the maximum amount for each money order before you decide.

How to make out a money order — It’s easy.  You can stop by your nearest Money Services, which means you can buy one at the same time you’re doing grocery shopping.  We’ll help you fill it out.

When to use a cashier’s check

You can use a single cashier’s check for any amount. A cashier’s check can come in handy when you’re making larger purchases, such as a new car or a new home.

Cashier’s checks cost more than a money order — up to $10 in fees.

How to fill out a check — The bank or credit union that writes the Cashier’s Check will tell you what they need.

When to use our pay bill service

If you want to pay a bill, you may not need a cashier’s check or a money order. Just stop by your local Money Services where you can choose from thousands of available billers to make a fast, easy payment… often in the same day.  This helps you manage your money because you’ll know exactly when the payment will arrive.

[1] Using Shopper’s Card at Kroger Family of Stores, some stores vary

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