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How to send money without a bank account

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There are around 14.1 million adults in the US who don’t have a primary bank account. When you need to transfer funds without a bank account, whether it’s sending a gift to a friend, supporting family back home or making a payment, it can seem problematic.

That’s not the case, however – there are easy ways to send money without a bank account or to someone who doesn’t have one. There’s no need to take the unnecessary risk of physically posting cash either, as there are secure solutions available such as through your local Money Services.

Discover how to transfer money without a bank account or to a recipient who doesn’t have one.

Easy ways to send money without a bank account

Buying a money order is a straightforward and reliable way to send funds without a bank account. These work in a similar way to checks but aren’t linked to a specific bank account. All you need to do is fill out a money order form, use cash to cover the amount you want to send as well as any fees and then give to your recipient (either in person or by post).

You can buy a money order from your nearest Money Services, which are found in the Kroger Family of Stores. This makes it convenient to purchase when shopping for groceries. Evening and weekend opening hours mean you can buy one even when banks are closed.

It’s also possible to send money without a bank account to a loved one’s bank account. Visit your nearest Money Services counter and set up a transfer by giving the store associate the receiver’s name, location and amount. Make the payment in cash or card and you’ll instantly get a receipt and a unique tracking code (MTCN).

How to send money to someone without a bank account

You can still wire money to someone without a bank account in the US and virtually anywhere in the world through Money Services. Just drop by your nearest store to make a transfer for cash pick up at their nearest Money Services or Western Union agent location.

Money orders can also be an alternative option, as they can be cashed at Money Service locations, as well as banks. They’re sent by mail though, so can take longer than a cash pick up.

Requirements to transfer money without a bank account

To send money without a bank account at Money Services, you need:

  • Cash or card to pay for the transfer
  • The receiver’s name, number and routing code
  • Their full address (including ZIP code)
  • Your own ID

You can transfer up to $5,000, either to a bank account or for cash pick up. Money Services payments are powered by Western Union®, which has agent locations in over 200 countries, so you can send funds across the world, whether you have a bank account or not.

There are various ways to transfer money without a bank account. Find a store near you to get started.

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