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How to read a check

Most checks look the same. But if you haven’t seen one in a while or have never received one before, it can be tricky to know what each part means. You’ll need to know how to read a check, before you cash it . Our guide will run through a…


How to void a check

In this article, we’ll talk you through how to void a check and give a few examples of when you might need to use a voided check. Why would you need to void a check? Knowing how to make a voided check is a useful skill for managing several banking…


Cashier check vs money order

A money order or cashier’s check are quick and easy ways to send money to a friend, family member or company. They both help make sure that your funds arrive on time and safely. Plus, they’re less risky than sending money in the mail. But a money order is different…


Can you get a money order online

There are many situations where sending a money order is the best option. This might include when you: Want to send money securely but don’t have a checking account If you need to pay bills Are worried about bouncing a check. Although some banking providers offer online money orders, most…