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Can you get a money order online

There are many situations where sending a money order is the best option. This might include when you: Want to send money securely but don’t have a checking account If you need to pay bills Are worried about bouncing a check. Although some banking providers offer online money orders, most…


What is a certified check?

A certified check offers extra protection to the recipient when chasing a check. They come with a guarantee from the writer’s bank that there is enough money in their account to cover the costs. This means the certified check will not bounce when you deposit it, ensuring you get paid…


Endorsing a check

If you want to cash or deposit a check, you’ll need to endorse it first. Find out how to endorse a check the right way here. What does endorse a check mean? Endorsing a check simply means writing down your account details and signing your name on the back of…


Kroger Money Services Partners with Ria

Money Services brings more choice to customers with new Ria partnership Sending money just got better, thanks to a new partnership between Kroger Money Services and the global money transfer service, Ria Money Transfer. The vendor joins Western Union as a Money Services partner, expanding customer choice even more. Both…