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How to money transfer with us

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How to money transfer with Money Services

It’s easy to transfer money between accounts, send funds to a friend or family member or pay a provider at Money Services.

We have a wide variety of options available, so you can choose how, where and when your money is transferred. Visit your nearest Money Services and send money to another state or to the other side of the world quickly and securely. Plus, when you use your Kroger Shopper’s Card, you’ll save money on transfer fees too.

Discover the different ways to transfer money with Money Services and send funds to your friends and family with ease.

How to transfer funds from one bank to another

If you want to move money from your main account to your savings account or vice versa, there are fast and secure ways that don’t require you to withdraw your money and deposit it somewhere else.

At Money Services, our store associates will be on hand to help you move your money quickly and conveniently to any bank across the United States. All our payments are powered by Western Union®, so you can be sure they are handled securely. Plus, you’ll benefit from lower fees through your Kroger Shopper Card.

Additionally, you can send money online through Western Union® for as little as $0.99 and receive your money within 0-6 business days.

How to transfer money to someone else's bank account

With Money Services, you have the option of transferring your money to a loved one in over 200 countries, as well as any bank across the US.

Locate your nearest Money Services and let our store associates know the receivers name, location and amount you wish to send. You’ll then be asked to fill out a form with both yours and the receiver’s bank details. Pay for the transfer fees and you’re done. It’s that simple. Just make sure you have your Shopper’s Card to hand to get great savings.

Once it’s been processed, the store associate will give you a receipt and unique tracking number (MTCN). Keep these safe as you and the receiver will need it to track the status of the funds.

How to transfer money from a debit card

At Money Services, we also give you the option to transfer money to another bank account through your debit or credit card.

The fees are higher than sending directly from bank account to another account but keep an eye on our promotions in store and online. With your Shopper’s Card, these fees will be reduced. The transfer will be received within two business days to a bank account or within minutes if the receiver would prefer a cash pick-up.

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