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How to deposit a check online

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If you regularly receive checks, it can be time consuming visiting your bank every time you need to deposit one. However, you can deposit a check online from virtually anywhere through your bank or online payment provider to save time and make it more convenient.

Get started with online check deposits with just a cellphone and your bank account with our step-by-step guide.

Where can I cash a check?

In the past, the only way to cash a check was visiting your bank. Today there are several ways to cash or deposit a check, including:

  • At a participating retailer, such as Kroger Money Services
  • With a prepaid card
  • Through a mobile deposit
  • Via an online payment system
  • At an ATM

Ways to deposit a check online

Depositing a check online can save you time and money. The two most popular ways to deposit a check online are through your bank’s mobile app or a secure ecommerce site such as PayPal.

How to deposit a check with your mobile

With your cell to hand, you can deposit a check on the go, at night or whenever suits you best. To set up a mobile check deposit, you need to:

    1. Download your bank’s mobile app. You can usually find this by searching your bank’s name in your phone’s app store – most are free to download.
    2. Log onto your mobile banking. If you don’t already have mobile or online banking, speak to your bank.
    3. Locate the tab for check deposits. This is usually under deposits or checking.
    4. Endorse the check. This includes a signature and a note stating mobile deposit only.
    5. Enter the relevant information. Some banks may require you to manually type in the amount and/or your account details.
    6. Take photos of both sides of the check. Before submitting, make sure the information is clear and readable.
    7. Verify the details and click submit. Your bank may pull the details from the image automatically, so it’s worth double checking all information is correct before submitting.

It’s recommended that you keep hold of your physical check until it has cleared with your bank, just in case there are any issues. Once the check has cleared, most banks recommend you shred it.

How to deposit a check through PayPal

Many online payment providers, such as PayPal, also offer a check cashing service. This is usually credited to your PayPal account or equivalent. To do this through PayPal, you’ll need a Cash Plus account. Once this is set up, you can:

    1. Download the PayPal mobile app and log onto your account
    2. Tap ‘more’ at the bottom of the page and then ‘cash checks’
    3. Enter the amount of the check and endorse it at the back
    4. Take a photo of both sides and click ‘next’
    5. Choose how quickly you receive the funds
    6. Check the details are correct and click ‘confirm’

It usually takes a matter of minutes for PayPal to verify your check. Once the check has been approved, they’ll ask you to write VOID across the check and upload another photo to prove this.

How long does it take for a check to deposit?

Generally, a standard check will take two to three business days to clear with your bank, including when using online banking. However, the amount may appear in your account prior to this. This is because your bank may approve the check before receiving the funds.

Your check may take longer than this if the bank decides to hold it. This can happen due to several reasons, including when the:

  • Check is considered large
  • Issuer’s account is new or has a history of overdrafts
  • Check is from an international bank account
  • Bank believes the funds won’t be received
  • Check includes misinformation or wasn’t endorsed correctly

When you choose to deposit a check through PayPal, you can either pay a fee and receive your money within an hour or wait up to ten days free of charge.

If you need the money from a check immediately, Money Services can help. Visit your nearest Money Services counter with your check and ID and we’ll cash your check there and then.

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