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How much is a money order?

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When buying a money order, you will need to pay a small fee alongside the total amount you want to buy.

At your local Money Services location, you can use a money order to make a payment. Stop by Money Services when in your nearest Kroger store and our friendly team of trained associates will guide you through the process.

Find out about money order rates below.

How much is a money order?

The price for each money order can vary, but banks and post offices often charge more than Money Services.

At Money Services, you’ll need to bring in the cash for the money order amount you want to buy, as well as a little extra for the fee. Depending on the state in which you are located, fees will vary. However, you can save on the overall cost with your Kroger Shopper’s Card.

To find out more about the exact cost of fees in your area, simply ask the team at your local Money Services location and they will gladly give you the answers you need.

How to fill out a money order

You can purchase a money order from the Money Services location in your local Kroger Family of Stores, where you can benefit from extended opening hours throughout the week.

Not only is the service reliable, it’s also convenient, as you can buy your money order while grocery shopping and even get Fuel Points when using your Shopper’s Card.

Simply visit your local Money Services, bringing along the cash to cover the money order and fees. Once there, our friendly store associates will walk you through how to correctly fill out the money order in detail. Use your Shopper’s Card when purchasing to take advantage of the discounts.

Finally, all that needs to be done is to deliver your money order either in person or through the mail. Our money orders are all powered by Western Union®, so you can be sure that any money you send through your money order will be handled safely and securely.

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