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How much does it cost to cash a check?

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When cashing a check, you’ll be expected to pay a small check-cashing fee. This can vary depending on the service you use and the amount you want to cash.

At Money Services, cashing a check can cost as little as a few dollars with your Kroger Shopper’s Card, meaning you’ll have more money to spend elsewhere.

Discover the benefits of cashing a check at your local Kroger store and how long it takes for your check to clear with our guide below.

Where can I cash a check cheaply?

If you don’t have a bank account, banks will often still let you cash a check, but usually for a high fee. You may also be required to bring two forms of ID, and banks will often try to persuade you to open an account with them, rather than just charge you a one-off fee.

It’s much cheaper to use a grocery store that offers cash-checking services, such as Money Services. You can find us inside many Kroger stores. Find your nearest Money Services location with this helpful tool.

With a Kroger Shopper’s Card, fees start at just a few dollars for checks under $2,000 and are still affordable compared to many banks for those between $2,000.01 - $5,000. This is taken directly off the cash you’ll receive, so you won’t need to worry about bringing extra cash.

We also run a number of promotions in-store, so keep an eye out for ways you can cut these costs back even further.

How long does it take for a check to clear?

Each bank has a different procedure and policy in place for how long it takes to clear a check, which can make it difficult to plan your finances.

There no enrolment when cashing your check with Money Services, meaning you can immediately receive your money.

Plus, as we’re based in Kroger stores, you can save time by doing your grocery shopping while you visit.

Discover how to cash a check with Money Services and start saving.

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