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Kroger Money Services Partners with Ria

Money Services brings more choice to customers with new Ria partnership Sending money just got better, thanks to a new partnership between Kroger Money Services and the global money transfer service, Ria Money Transfer. The vendor joins Western Union as a Money Services partner, expanding customer choice even more. Both…


How long is a check good for

Checks are a fast and inexpensive way to send money and pay bills. But eventually uncashed checks expire, and it may be difficult to cash them. Knowing how long a check is valid for is key to keeping on top of your finances. Do checks expire? Yes – after a…


The best prepaid travel cards

Security is always a concern when traveling abroad. As careful as you may be, going away often means carrying more valuables than normal – including large amounts of cash. A prepaid travel card is a great way to ensure your money stays safe and secure when traveling abroad, especially if…


How long do checks take to clear?

Even though many of us have gone digital with our finances, there are still times when a check is required. Whether you’re dealing with an older relative who hasn’t quite gotten into online banking or need to pay someone you’d usually pay in cash, paper checks are still likely to…