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How many years back can I get a tax refund?

If you’ve unknowingly paid too much money to the state or federal government than you needed to, you’ll be owed a tax refund. With the average amount of tax return thought to have been around $3,000 in 2019, it’s well worth filing. Never claimed before? No worries. We’re here to…


Social security payment schedule 2021

Social security supports millions of Americans who are retired, disabled or are the spouse or child of a worker who’s died. More than a sixth of people in the US rely on social security payments to support them. Social security pays out on set days each month, and when you…


Paying with a check

In a world where you can pay with a tap of your phone, checks are becoming an outdated concept. Not all stores accept payment by check and not everyone has a bank account so their use is becoming rarer. You might think that, because you’ve always used checks, they’re your…


Can checks be returned?

Ever sent a check to have it returned or your payment not be credited? There are lots of reasons this might have happened, like not having enough cash, getting an account name wrong or there being a problem with your signature. Returned checks are an inconvenience but can also incur…