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How to shop online as a cash-based customer

From big name marketplaces to smaller more local stores, the internet is full of places to shop. People across the US are using their cell phones, laptops and home computers to search the web for the best deals. Research by Pew Research has found that as many as 8 in…


Paying your rent in cash

Your rent is one of your biggest monthly costs, so it’s important you know the payment is being handled safely and securely – and that it gets paid on time. There are a number of ways to pay rent to a landlord. Those without a bank account might consider paying…


Cashing a check without bank account

Around 20% of Americans don’t have a bank account*. But that doesn’t mean they can’t cash a pay check or insurance settlement check. There are many ways to cash a number of checks without having a bank account. Can I cash a check without a bank account? Whether you’re a…


How to avoid late payment penalties

Paying bills on time is a great way to save money as it helps you to avoid fines and late payment fees. But the reality is that we often reach the month end and realise we’ve over spent on our budget and simply don’t have the money to pay bill…