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How to save money fast on a low income

Saving money is important for your future, whether you’re looking to pay for a down payment on a home or save for your retirement, and sometimes you need to do it quickly – but the reality of saving money is a challenge. For low earners especially, saving money each month…


How to spot if a check is fake

Fake check scams are far more common than you may think. Scammers may target potential victims via both online channels and through the mail. According to the Federal Trade Commission, fake checks cheated the U.S. public out of $28 million in 2019 alone. As technology becomes increasingly accessible, illegitimate checks…


A year in money: Your financial calendar

Financial planning for the year ahead can be beneficial for holidays, vacations, and can help you save money for unexpected bills and emergencies. Using a financial calendar to plan for the year ahead can provide a breakdown of your monthly expenses and give you and your family some stability for…


Is a reloadable prepaid debit card right for you?

A reloadable prepaid debit card acts in a similar way to a regular debit card in terms of making purchases. You can use a prepaid card to buy things in the same way as you would use a debit or credit card. The key difference is where the money comes…