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How to find the nearest Harris Teeter store

Money Services located inside Harris Teeter offer bill payments, money orders, government and payroll check cashing and money transfers. Save money while you shop – with low fees, evening and weekend hours stop by at a time that’s convenient to you. With more than 250 locations, a Harris Teeter store…


Planning for retirement

Retirement is something to look forward to. After a life dedicated to work and family, it offers us the space to relax and spend a little more time on ourselves. The average retirement age is 62, meaning the average period spent in retirement is around 16 years. But with people…


How to save money fast on a low income

Saving money is important for your future, whether you’re looking to pay for a down payment on a home or save for your retirement, and sometimes you need to do it quickly – but the reality of saving money is a challenge. For low earners especially, saving money each month…


Can you print a check?

Printing your own business or personal checks is perfectly legal in the US, and no laws are prohibiting you from doing so. However, there are certain standards that printed checks need to meet. Although these aren’t required by law, banks generally insist on them. If you can meet these standards…