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Can you get a money order online

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There are many situations where sending a money order is the best option. This might include when you:

  • Want to send money securely but don't have a checking account
  • If you need to pay bills
  • Are worried about bouncing a check.

Although some banking providers offer online money orders, most don't. This is often because it's harder to verify identities and payment methods online, meaning fraud can be harder to prevent.

How do money orders work?

A money order works in a very similar way to a personal check. It’s a paper document which you must buy with a prepaid amount, often limited up to $1000.

The name of the recipient (payee) and where you bought the money order will be printed on the form. This makes it easier to trace and prevent fraud. For another level of safety, the payee then also needs to sign to say they have received the money order. Then the payee can deposit the money order in the same way as a check.

How do I get a money order?

  • Most grocery stores within Kroger Family of Stores, credit unions, post offices and banks will offer money orders for you to buy.
  • Fill out the payee’s name and your address and sign the money order.
  • Once you’ve filled in the details, you can send your money order.
  • Make sure to keep your receipt as proof you’ve sent it, should any problems arise.
  • The receipt will have a tracking number on it that you can use to verify that the payee received the money you sent.

Check out this useful blog post on how to use a money order for more help and advice.

Alternatives to sending a money order online

Sending a money order online can be complicated and only a few companies offer this service. Many vendors aren't willing to take the risk. Thankfully, the alternative options are quick and can be considered safer and easier.

  • Get a money order in person. Picking up a money order in person is convenient, easy and can be done at your local grocery store or post office. With your issued tracking number, you’ll be able to keep up to date with the progress of your payment.
  • Send funds online. Online money transfers through banks and other validated sites are a convenient way to transfer money for bills and payments. Often these services can be free.
  • Send a gift card/prepaid card. If you're looking to support family or friends or you’d like to give them a gift, there are a huge number of fantastic gift card options out there. You can shop for gift cards for all your favorite stores online at the Kroger Family of Stores.

Protect yourself from money order fraud

While money orders are typically a safe way to transfer money, ensure you protect yourself from money order fraud.

  • Be cautious of people asking you to share your details online.
  • Even though it isn’t always possible, try not to exchange money orders with strangers.
  • Check for warning signs. Make sure that the money orders are legitimate and not forged documents.
  • Question the provider if the money order exceeds $1000 as this tends to be the limit on transactions.
  • If you’re hesitant about any aspect of the money order, then contact the place that issued the money order. You should be able to call the issuer from a public phone number to confirm whether the money order is legitimate or not.
  • When sending a money order, make sure you keep the receipt. Without it, you’d likely have to file a serial number request if the money goes missing. This can be expensive and time-consuming.

For more information on money order fraud and a guide to how to report fraud, check out our Fraud hub.

If you are looking to send a money order the Kroger Family of Stores can offer this service, find your local store here.

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